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Where can I find Plume Canada products?

Currently, Plume Canada products are only available on our official online store as there is no physical store that distributes them yet. Therefore, you can find and purchase our products on our website.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

You can contact us by email as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you if your order is not in the process of being manufactured or shipped. Please contact us.

How to choose the bedding material that best suits my needs?

The choice of bedding material depends on your personal preferences, comfort, warmth, and durability needs. To learn how to choose down for a comforter or pillow, please see our page on how to choose your down

How to choose the size of a comforter, for example between Queen and Extra-Queen?

Start by measuring the length and width of your bed to determine its size. It's important to take into account the height of the mattress and box spring to obtain accurate measurements. If you're unsure between two sizes, always opt for the larger size. Then, rely on the size guide displayed on each product page to determine the dimension that suits you. Often, Extra-Queen or Extra-King duvet sizes are appreciated by people who have a box spring to cover, or for those who like to sleep with a larger duvet. Conversely, regular sizes are appreciated by people who like to be able to stick a leg out of the duvet while they sleep or for those who don't have a box spring to cover.

What are the advantages of feather pillows compared to synthetic pillows?

Pillows filled with feathers and down have several advantages over synthetic pillows. First of all, they are often more durable and offer a softer support and a plush feeling that is appreciated by many. Feather and down pillows are also more breathable, which can help regulate temperature during the night and prevent the buildup of sweat and moisture. Finally, feather pillows can be reshaped to fit the sleeping position, which can help relieve tension and pain in the neck and shoulders. To learn how to choose the best pillow according to your situation, please consult our page How to Choose Your Pillow.

When should you change our pillow?

It is recommended to replace your pillow every three to five years to avoid having your head poorly supported by a flattened pillow. It is also recommended to protect your pillows with a cover in addition to the pillowcase to avoid contact with sweat. Furthermore, it is important to ventilate your room for at least 10 minutes every day and to wash your pillow at least once a year.

How can I maintain and clean my comforters and pillows to make them last longer?

We recommend that you prioritize professional cleaning for your duvets and pillows in order to make them last longer. Additionally, we suggest airing them out regularly to maintain their freshness. The use of protective covers is also recommended. For more detailed and personalized information based on the type of product, please refer to the care guide on the product page.

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